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We are extremely proud to present our first vinyl release featuring emcees from Canada, Solar-C and Templedon, remixes by Seb da Head from Luxembourg and Obo from Germany. Both very different tracks, Templedon’s a super laidback spacey groove with huge bass from Seb, while for the Solar-C track Obo bought his trademark rugged soul with additional saxophone played by the brother Finn Peters, making it the perfect summer banger.

The tracks are part of the IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project which spans more than 40 tracks, 30 countries and has more than 100 participants with every track titled ‘worldwide’. The tracks are available to download for free here:

IBMCs: worldwide remixes - vol.3 by IBMCs

Intended as the first of a series, the 7 inch is green vinyl and limited to 200 copies available worldwide

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